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Disclaimer Agreement

  1. The following rules apply to the entire EarthVision network and all of its divisions.
  2. By playing on our server or joining our discord you automatically agree to our rules.
  3. Ignorance is not an excuse.
  4. Everyone is responsible for their own account.
  5. Bypassing a punishment or exploiting grey areas within the rules is not allowed.
  6. Deals or trades with real currency are prohibited.
  7. Pretending to violate a rule may lead to the same or similar consequences.
  8. You must commit to instructions given by staff members. Our staff has the authoritative final say on all decisions.
  9. The administration reserves the right to change the rules without a warning. It is your duty to inform yourself about any change.


  1. Any rule violation can lead to a punishment. Reasons outside of these rules may appear.
  2. If a player receives an unjustified punishment they can contact the staff on the discord support.
  3. Proof does not have to been shown but can be requested by the affected player.
  4. Possible punishments for both Discord and Minecraft:

permanent or temporary ban

permanent or temporary chat ban

warning / kick


  1. Conversations should be lead in a peaceful and respectful manner. Conflicts must be solved privately.
  2. Any inappropriate behaviour towards other players or the server is strictly forbidden. This includes racist, sexist or in any other way discriminatory behaviour.
  3. The spam of messages, pings, capital letters or emojis is prohibited.
  4. Do not spread any confidential information.
  5. Advertising of any kind of product or other services in any form is not allowed.
  6. The use of misleading, offensive or abusive

• in-game names

• town/nation names

• culture names

• Discord names

• Minecraft skins

• profile pictures

• symbols

is forbidden and the player will be temporarily banned until this is changed with accordance to the rules.

Combat & Modifications

  1. You are not able to leave during combat. This rule is managed by the CombatLog plugin. Once hit by a player you will be set to combat for 20s. During this time you will be unable to use teleportation commands, if you were to leave you would be killed automatically.
  2. Unreasonable mass killing of new players should be avoided.
  3. The usage of Cheat / Hack Clients is strictly forbidden.
  4. Using modifications or resource packs to get information about whereabouts of entities, materials or tiles is forbidden.
  5. Modifications that change movement or combat abilities are prohibited.
  6. Allowed modifications are as follows:

• MiniMap without player & entity display

• Waypoints

• Modifications to boost your performance

• Schematics

• Toggle Sprint/Sneak

• HUDs to show Armor, Damage, Combos, etc.

• Clients like Badlion or Lunar

If you are not sure whether a modification is allowed or not, feel free to ask our support.


  1. Teleport-trapping is illegal.
  2. Killing players shortly after they respawned near their spawn point is prohibited.
  3. Trapping players is not allowed at:

• world pawn

• end spawn

• warps

• players' spawn points

• if it takes longer than 5 minutes to escape, dying and using teleportation commands is not possible

Griefing & Buildings

  1. Each city and nation bears a certain degree of responsibility.
  2. An act of griefing has to be of a certain type and size to be considered bannable.
  3. Stealing (ex. valuable blocks or looting chests) is not always seen as griefing.
  4. Methods like lava casting are prohibited in any way and size.
  5. Any inappropriate builds on the server are forbidden.
  6. Constructions and methods to lag the server are prohibited.


  1. Wars have to be approved by staff.
  2. There is a preparation phase of at least 1 day required, after a war has been approved.
  3. Wars exists to settle conflicts, not for fun and destruction.
  4. A non approved war will result into a ban and possibly the removal of the attacker's town.


  1. You are not allowed to claim around other peoples' claims.
  2. Claiming in marked areas or areas surrounded by claims is prohibited as long as the town size is acceptable.
  3. End portals can only be claimed if allowed by the administration.
  4. To ensure anyone is able to defeat the ender dragon, all towers must not be claimed.


  1. Any harmful actions towards the server, staff or player-base will lead to consequences.
  2. The administration retains the right to remove players for their past actions.
  3. The administration retains the right to remove players if their actions are found harmful for the server.
  4. AFK farms are only allowed if they do not include automatic functions such as clicking or walking.
  5. Willingly breaking the economy by selling a bigger amount of items for an extremely cheap price or using exploits to gain more money may lead to a ban.

Bugs & Issues

  1. Any bug or issue found must be reported to the staff immediately.
  2. The exploitation of bugs or issues is strictly forbidden and will lead to a ban.
  3. We do not recover any items lost due to a bug. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.
  4. Reporting a bug can lead to a reward.