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Here is some information about the shops on our server!


/Shop is an admin-server run shop that allows you to purchase select items at a fixed, consistent price, without the limitations of market prices or player competition. As stated, this selection is limited, as to encourage players to trade with each other via the Auction House. The prices are also purposefully inflated to not compete and allow for player-to-player trade. The staff team regulate the prices of /Shop throughout the season, any pricing suggestions should be made to our Discord.

Chest Shops

Player created chest shops, which everyone can create, just using a chest, a sign and an item! So, how can I create an Chest Shop? Firstly, place your chest Place a sign above the chest and edit the sign

Put items into your chest and let players purchase these items

You can also create a chest shop sign, the instructions of how to do this are listed below:

line: empty → server will replace that line with your ingame name

line: item amount per klick sell/buy

line: Buy and sell price, looks like this: “B 10 : 5 S”, “B” for Buy, “10” for the buyer price, “5” for the seller price and “S” for sell. You can input your desired prices in there, just replace 10 and 5.

line: question mark(“?”)

After that you will need to tap the sign with your item and put it in the chest. Your chest shop is done!