Towns and Nations

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You want to create a Town after farming some resources? Let us show you how to get started.

What are Towns used for?

Towns are a way to protect your Buildings and Land from Outsiders. By inviting and letting other players join, your Town will grow and so does it's capacity.

Create a Town

First you need to create a Town, search you favourite place to create one and then use `/town create <Town name>`. This will create an empty Town for you, it's just one chunk big with you as the only Member. Please Note: To create a Town you will need 250$! Earn Money by getting a Job.

Expand your Town

As you only have one Chunk when creating your town, a lot of place is missing for your Creations. New chunks can easily be claimed with the command `/town claim` but they need to be connected to already existing claims. If you want to claim an outpost of yours, use `/town claim outpost`!

Attention: You have a limit of Chunks you can claim, to extend this, either get more Members, join a Nation or buy extra Claims with `/town buy bonus`. That last option will cost you $100 per Chunk!

Claim an Outpost

You want to claim Chunks far away from your town? You can claim an outpost for 500$, with `/town claim outpost`

Invite Players

Lonely in your new town? Invite more players and expand your Town! You can invite players with `/town invite <Player name>`, the player which you invited needs to use “/accept <Town name>”.


You can earn money from daily taxes from your residents. Just use that command and set taxes: “/town set taxes <Amount>”

Kick players

Kick players you don't like with “/town kick <Player name>”!

Town spawn

You can set new Town spawn with “/town set spawn”, it will set the town spawn at your position.

Town -> Nation

You have a big town and want to expand to an nation? Ok, its easy. Just use the command “/nation new <nation name>, you will need 1000$ for that. Then you can add your Town with ”/nation add <Town name>“.