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You can now declare wars and fight other towns and nations! We are using the SiegeWar Plugin. For a more detailed guide on this plugin please click here


You can set your Town or Nation to peaceful so war cannot be declared against you. This can simply be set with: - /town toggle peaceful - /nation toggle peaceful There exists a delay of 2 days before your town / nation has been fully set to peaceful.

Peaceful towns and nations cannot declare wars or toggle PvP but can be occupied by more powerful nations. Entering a siege zone as a member of a peaceful town will give you negative effects.

Declare a war

Wars need to get approved by staff. You can request this on our Discord. It is not possible to declare a war without approval, as there is a plugin in place to prevent this.

Wars can then be declared by placing a banner next to the attacked town's claims.

During War

  • To win a war, you need to kill enemies at the siege zone and occupy the siege banner during battle sessions.
  • A war will last max. 72h
  • Non-nation / non-allies players will receive negative attacks during battle sessions when they enter a siege zone.
  • There is no Keep Inventory.