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This is the EarthVision Starter Guide.

Here you can learn how to join and play at EarthVision.

Important Starting Information

Use the IP and Port stated below to join.

  • When you first join, you will be teleported a to the location approximate of where you live.
  • You can use the command /warp to teleport to a continent. (e.g /warp Europe).
  • You can claim areas of land using our claims plugin. Information on this can be found in Towns and Nations.
  • PvP and wars are allowed. Learn more about this in Wars. You can enable peacefulness status if you wish to opt out of wars.
  • Help and support can be found in our Discord and our FAQ.
  • You can buy and sell items for money on the Auction House. Look in our Economy page for more information.
  • You are able to make money by selecting up to 3 Jobs in game.
  • See yourself on our livemap, Dynmap, where you will automatically be visible to everyone. If you wish to hide yourself from this map use the command /dynmap hide and /dynmap show to become visible again.

Earth worlds FAQ

  • Vanilla world will be reset every three monthss.
  • Claiming in Vanilla world is disabled. This is to encourage building in the earth world.
  • End Portal is unclaimable in both the overworld and the end.
  • Only one dragon egg. When the dragon is respawned, the egg will not.

IP and Port

Java Edition Premium & Cracked

(1.17 - 1.19.x) IP: Port: Default (25565)

Bedrock Edition

(1.19 - 1.19.x)

IP: Port: Default (19132)

Joining the server with Consoles